How to Download Microsoft word for free?

Microsoft Word, as we all know is a basic program that we need to use in different spheres of our life. Whether you work in an office or you are a student who needs to create assignments, you cannot go without using this application. So if you are wondering “can I download Microsoft Word for free”, then this article is going to be helpful for you. Here we will discuss several ways to get it absolutely free.

After completing the Microsoft Word free download process, you can edit, view, use its tools or share a document from any corner of the world.

Get the free browser version of Microsoft Word

This is the best method for using Microsoft Word that too without downloading it. All you need to do is simply log in to your registered Microsoft account and get your hands on the free web browser-based version. With this, you can easily work on a document that is present in your OneDrive account. Moreover, you can also upload documents you wish to as well as create new ones. Also, you do not need to save your documents again and again because does so automatically.

Microsoft Word free download for Windows 10

In case you want to know that “how can I download Microsoft word for free on my computer?” then this section will describe the answer to this question. On your Windows 10 device such as laptop, computer or a tablet, you can easily download the Word Mobile app which is free of cost. You can simply create, edit or share documents from your device. But, there is a catch, if the screen size of your device is larger than 10.1 inches, then you will not be able to edit a document. You can only view it. (

Free Microsoft Word download for Android & iOS

The users who wish to use Microsoft Word for free on their mobile devices running on Android OS or iOS can install the free app which lets you create, view or simply share the documents. So, now you must be thinking where can I download Microsoft word for free,  then it is very simple to get this app. The app is available both on App Store as well as the Play Store.

Not only you can edit it but also pin it on the home screen so that you can easily access it. Other than this, you can open your docs from various sources such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, etc.

Microsoft Word free download- Get the trial version

Microsoft Word free download 2010 can only be done for getting its trial version. Anyone who wishes to use it can download this version for free but for a specified limit. You can use it for 30 days after which you need to pay for it to continue using the software. The trial version can be used to create, edit, view as well as share the documents. Not only, you can use Word for free but also Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher.


In case you are an educator or a student, then you may easily use it for free. All you need to do is enter the email address of your institution that it used to register. After this, you can simply create a free account and access your favorite Office version including Microsoft Office for Home and Students and so on.

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