How to find the registration key for Microsoft Office?

Microsoft is one of the top brands that have designed various advanced software and applications to help its users in several ways. One of its launched or designed software is Office Setup. The Office setup is a set of client software having various applications or services included within the package. And this setup is available in various versions like Office Setup 2016, Office Setup 2019, and many more.

To get any of the versions of the Office Setup, the users need to visit the official website, followed by performing a set of three procedures including download, install and activate. Activations play a keen role as it enables the users to activate the entire services and applications included within the package. For activation, the users of the Office Setup require a 16-digit activation key popularly known as Office Registration key or Office Product key.

Sometimes, the users face issues in locating the Office Product Key of their subscribed package of the Office Setup. Thus, in order to guide their path, the common methods to locate the Office activation key have been mentioned in the article given below.

5 Easy Steps to find the Office Registration key:

Depending upon the methods of purchase of the subscription of the Office Setup, the users could find its registration key. By following the steps mentioned below, the users of the Office Setup can easily locate their Office Product key, successfully. The methods are as follows:

  1. For Online Purchase of the Office Setup
  2. Check the mailbox of the email address:
    1. Check the inbox of the email address that has been registered by the users at the time of the Office Setup purchase through the online method.
    2. A confirmation mail has been received for the purchase and also consisting of the Office Product key.
  3. Check the message box of the mobile number:
    1. Do check the message inbox of the mobile number that has been added by the users to their Office account.
    2. A confirmation message has been received by the users and this message consists of the Office Product key.
  4. Check the Office account:
    1. Login to the Office account using the specified credentials through
    2. Here, move to the subscription area as this consists of the details of the entire package being purchased by the users.
    3. Here, the key of the desired Office Setup will be easily available.
  5. For Offline Purchase of the Office Setup:
    1. Once the users adopt the Offline method to purchase the Office Setup then, a box is received having a CD of it.
    2. Just, check at the back of the box, a code is printed over there. Else, check the inner circles of the CD having the setup, a code is printed over there too.


Without activation, the users of the Office are unable to utilize its services, thus, the methods detailed here will guide the users’ path in locating the corresponding Office Product key of the setup being purchased. The methods are easy and simple to adopt and follow.

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