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Microsoft Office has been there to manage our work-related tasks efficiently and effectively. Whether you are a businessman or a student Microsoft Office has helped you to get along with its features and the regular updates which made the application benevolent to use. In this article, we will talk about the latest and updated version of Microsoft Office 2020. Moreover, the topic will drive you to the features of Windows and Mac operating systems.  So, without any further do let us get started about the in-depth insights of Microsoft 2020 and what all the latest versions have to offer us.

What are Office 2020 features for Windows applications?

What are Office 2020 features for Windows applications

In this section, you will get Microsoft Office 2020 features available for the Windows operating systems:-

  • Updated Word application: Easier to work, black-themed, there are captions and audio descriptions, you will get the speech features for text, improvised inking functionality, accessibility improvements.
  • Updated Excel: You can perform better data analysis, you get the funnel charts,2D maps along with timelines, there are new excel functions and connectors, you will be able to publish to PowerBI, PowerPivot enhancement along with Power Query enhancements.
  • PowerPoint: You can create more impactful content, you will get the zoom capabilities for the ordering of slides, morphing features, ability to insert the icons and 3D models, improvised roaming pencil.
  • Outlook: Enables you to manage emails more efficiently, you will get the update contact cards, Office 365 groups, add @mentions, focused inbox along with Travel and delivery cards.
  • Unlocks creativity and builds teamwork, moreover the integrated for simplicity and you get intelligent security.

What are the Office 2020 features for Mac?

What are the Office 2020 features for Mac

In this section, you will get Office 2020 features available for the Mac operating systems:-

  • Word: Easier work to manage, focus mode with the translator by side. Improvised inking functions, customized Office ribbons, and the accessibility are improvised.
  • Excel: You can easily perform better data analysis, you will get to access the funnel charts, 2D maps, and the timelines. Moreover, you will get the excel functions such as Concat, Textjoin, IFS, Switch.
  • Powerpoint: You will get the Morphing features, you can insert and manage icons, improved roaming pencil case, 4K video exports, and the Play-in click sequence.
  • Outlook: You can manage email more efficiently, you can use @mentions, Focused inbox, it does require an exchange online account, use travel, and delivery summary cards. Moreover, you can send the later function to delay or schedule, read and deliver threads and moreover, you get the imitating email templates.
  • You can unlock creativity with researchers, data types, resume assistants.
  • Incorporated for teamwork: You will get real-time collaboration, with @mentions, shared documents along with activity and version history.
  • Integrated for simplicity along with Intelligent security.

Point to remember:  The Office 2020 is an upgrade to the earlier versions of what we have on-premises of Office. The Office 2020 is a subscription service that is offered by and moreover, you will have the most, collaborative, creative, intelligent and security features with cloud connectivity. For more updates and the versions for Office 2020 you can visit the official website.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that this article has helped you to get the insights of Office 2020 and what it all has to offer you with its features for Windows and Mac operating systems. If you still have queries and confusion related to Office 2020 version then you are recommended to visit the official Microsoft website. On the website, you will get the updates and the versions about Windows 2020 and other related versions.

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