Microsoft rolls out Office 365 with Recommended Security Profiles

Nowadays it is very common to see people’s accounts being hacked and because of this scenario, the development team of Microsoft has planned to add recommended security profiles. They are planning to add this feature in Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Although it is not clear when we will get to see this updated version of Office, the preparations have begun.

The feature will be available in two modes; Standard and Strict. Microsoft is also encouraging the security admins to make changes in the security settings so that a user feels completely safe while using Office. Using the recommended security profiles, a user can allow Exchange Online Protection admins to configure their users’ accounts. They can also have their accounts settings customized in such a manner that they can easily fend off spam email reaching their inboxes.

The admins will also get the advantage to apply anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing protection mail filters. However, this feature is made available for a specific set of users who need the utmost security and they can upgrade their software via

Security profiles to be automatically enabled for some

If a user has allowed permissions for managing their account automatically, in this situation, his profile will be updated automatically with this feature. Those who have not allowed the authorities to make changes to their profile, they can ask the admins to easily configure these settings for them.

Microsoft has also provided detailed information on the Strict and Standard levels of security. These details are provided in regards to Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). By using it, admins can set up security levels for defined sets of users on the Microsoft 365 security documentation website. Not only can this, but the Admins can also change the settings using Power-Shell. It would allow them to apply EOP configuration settings to multiple tenants using scripts or cutlets.

These new profiles will be available very soon to the general users and it has been decided to roll it out later this month.

Other security features to roll out with office 365

Users will get to enjoy the Authenticated Received Chain (ARC). This has been specifically developed for Office 365 users. It would help users to check authentication results within Office 365. On top of that, it has been developed for improving anti-spoofing detection. This feature will be made available at

Officials have also asked the general users to not to disable the built-in spam filters. The new Office 365 ATP feature was also released in the month of November. It was designed for enhanced compromise detection and response and helps detect breaches. Microsoft has also arranged Security Operations (SecOps) teams to remediation hacked accounts. They will automatically detect and investigate suspicious users. Users who have still not upgraded to the latest version of Office, can visit and install the software with all-new features.

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