Microsoft to announce latest features in Office 365 for mobile apps

Microsoft is all set to announce the latest features in MS Office 365 for application on their smart phones. This is done to increase the productivity of the user. The software is a giant that is bringing up a “conversational AI technology” to Outlook for the Crotana with iOS. The feature from will allow the users to do a regular task and the actions that boost productivity. These actions are like scheduling, adding participants to meet the invitations, and composing the messages using the voices.

Microsoft has announced a number of new changes for several of its Office 365 mobile apps to improve the experience. The brand is mixing human voice inputs to its voice assistant and preferences along with the grammar and recognize voices. There is much more that you need to know with the upgrade in this feature for Office 365.

What is the Microsoft Office 365 app update all about?

This AI feature with Cortana will be initially available for Outlook iOS in the  MS Office 365 work account and it will later be expanded to Android. Also, the Outlook mobile and the web users will soon be able to add the reactions. MS Teams mobile app allows the users to speak into Cortana in English, in order to make calls, send messages and share files. This is the voices assist feature that will also be rolled in other provinces near the UK. However, Microsoft did not specify when it will be rolled out.

More about the Microsoft Office app update

The MS search in the Teams and Office mobile is getting the support for the natural language queries in English. The Teams app users will then be able to type the phrases in the search box or use Cortana to find the messages, chats, people, meetings, and files. Also, the people logged in to the work account can use the Search in Office for the mobile app to easily find the files. The MS Office lens will be integrated with Teams that allows the users to record and share the short videos via chat. also enables the users to annotate a video with the text, emojis and do the basic editing with live filters and much more.

Furthermore, the Microsoft lense will be able to recognize the English texts that are handwritten. It enables the users to scan and convert the content from the whiteboards, letters, to-do lists. This enhancement will be rolled out on the Lens app  in a future release of the application.

Final verdict: The Office app is also optimized for the iPad. It will allow the people to use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint via a single app. You can create the content with a camera, sign PDFs, take notes, collaborate, and multitask. The update, the optimized app will be available in the App Store in middle of the February. For more information, you can visit that will provide you latest news and informative content about the latest updates on MS Office apps.

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