iPhone users’ wait to stream Xbox games may end soon

Let us have a look at what Microsoft has in its treasure for iPhone users

Earlier in the month of September, Microsoft released its much awaited gaming service and named it as Project x Cloud. This is a cloud gaming service which gained too much hype because of one of its features.

Those individuals who kept on waiting for its release and kept himself updated about its notifications would know that earlier this was made available only for the Android users. On the other hand, iPhone users were far away from enjoying this cloud-based gaming platform. Microsoft had to take this decision because of the strict policies applied on the Apple’s App Store.

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming

However, Microsoft has recently decided to come up with something that could benefit iPhone users as well. According to the news shared at The Verge, Microsoft will soon release an update in which it will let the iPhone users to stream Xbox games on their phones. They can also enjoy the remote play of by downloading it from the App Store.

Games included in Xbox app for iPhone users

The following Xbox One games will be made available with the latest updates for the iPhone users:

  • Minecraft- the game which released in the year 2009 has a huge fan following as you can get connected with each other or play solo and show up your crafting skills.
  • Fortnite- released in the year 2017, the game is available in three different modes and takes youto the battle ground. Show up at the battle ground and unleash the war play skills in you.
  • Grand Theft Auto V-the year 2013 marked a great invention in the gaming world with the release of Grand Theft Auto V. This adventure packed game has been ruling the hearts of millions since years.
  • Forza Horizon 4- it is racing video game that released two years ago. The setting of the game is made in a fictionalized world and looks similar to the cities of Great Britain.
  • Red Dead Redemotion- this game was also released in two years ago. You can play real-time games with its live maps and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Apart from this, all the other games will also be available via the Xbox

What Tom Warren has to say about new Xbox app?

Tom Warren, the senior editor of The Verge made an official announcement on his Twitter handle. According to this tweet, this new and updated version of Xbox will have similarities with the app released for the Android users. The app would simultaneously have all your favorite games apart from the ones mentioned above. You will be able to create a friend list as well and save the game clips also.

The new ‘Connect’ feature is something that is catching the interest of the users. With this feature you can connect your account with the console, as soon as you do so you will be able to pay those games that were already there in the console. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to get started to play and manage your library with the help your iPhone.

Although the release date of this app is not known as it is currently under testing. But, you can always keep a track of the notifications regarding this on Microsoft’s official portal. More Information :- office.com/setup.

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