It’s easy to manage finances with the all-new ‘Money in Excel’

With the number of people who are using Microsoft 365 going on a rise nowadays, Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to offer different facilities to the users. A wide range of programs, tools, and functions are available in each application to facilitate the user. In addition to this, we could witness how drastically our working system changed since the fast few months. Therefore, it was no wonder that Microsoft could bring new features and functions in Microsoft Excel as well.

Money in Excel

Yes, you heard it right. Money in Excel, an application that is used by most of the employees of an organization is all set to witness a change in terms of creating financial models. This feature not only helps employees in managing the finances of an organization but also an individual staying at home. Prior to this, people used to manually update the spreadsheet but now the scenario has completely changed.

What is ‘Money in Excel’?

As the name itself suggests, the tool simplifies your everyday finances without putting much effort. This helps you stay on track if you have set any financial goals. The residents of the U.S. can take this benefit if they have Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions. You can use it as a template or an add-in.

With it, you can securely link your financial accounts as well as your credit card. The current users of Microsoft 365 Personal and Family can simply download the template from and start exploring all the features.

How to get started?

  1. At first, visit to download the Excel template.
  2. When the template gets downloaded, then open it.
  3. After this, connect your financial accounts with it by following some easy prompts.
  4. Now, the account verification process will take place.
  5. Next, you will see a workbook.
  6. In this workbook, you will see the latest transaction history.

Editing/updating the workbook

After the successful creation of the workbook and successful linking of your account info, you do not need to do much. Excel will import all the transactions you have done. In case you have done a few transactions that are not visible in the workbook, all you need to do is click on the ‘Update’ option.

The feature is brought in to action by keeping in mind the need to stay closer to your financial goals. If you wish to get a quick glance at how you are spending your money and what should be done to cut short the finances, then you can use the “snapshot” sheet.

On top of that, if you wish to add or remove a transaction on your own, then you can do so by going through a few easy steps.


Money in Excel also depicts your finances in the form of a pie chart so that you can track which field should be given more importance. You get the alerts for increased subscription prices as well. Thus, to have a more manageable experience, start using it now. More Information :-

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