MS Office one-time purchase to be launched in mid 2021

In these modern times, most of the services are made available to the users in the form of subscription packages. Once their subscription period gets over they need to renew it again to continue accessing it. But, for a tool like Microsoft Office, it seems quite annoying to renew and pay for your purchase again and again. However, you would be more than happy that Microsoft would be launching one-time purchase package of Microsoft Office in the second half of 2021.

This launch will reduce the hassle of paying every month as most of us require Office apps throughout our working life. Also, our schedule is so busy that it seems quite annoying to us. As we all know, some of the packages of Microsoft Office already have their one-time subscriptions available including

But, those who are waiting eagerly for yet another package that lets them use the Office version for the upcoming years, there wait ends here. Many users were confused about if Microsoft would ever release another one-time purchase. But, Microsoft made this quite clear with this announcement and you will be surely able to have it on platform.

Microsoft Office one-time purchase release date

The new everlasting release of the said version of Office will be made available for both Windows and Mac users. However, Microsoft, on its official platform did not mention any clear date of its release. But, many suspect that it would be launched in the later part of the year 2021.

Many others also suspect that it would have similar features and functionalities as Office 2019. Those users who moved to Microsoft 365 had to pay for their subscription again and again by logging in to their account at But, most were not happy with it and wanted sometime that can last for longer duration. For the subscription based users and others, Microsoft Office keeps on releasing the necessary updates. But many feared they won’t be able to use another version of Office after Office 2019.

What will be available in the upcoming version?

Prior to the version that is on its way, we got to use variant of Office apps. This included:

  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Skype for Business
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint

Thus, we can presumably say that the newer versions would have the similar features available in it. At this time, Microsoft hasn’t shared details regarding the price, exact availability, or name of the next perpetual version of Office.

Speaking about the price of the yet-to-be launched Microsoft Office version, we can say that there is no such news or updates about its pricing. But, the price can be assumed to be the same as the previous versions of As soon as any update regarding this version of Office will be out, it would be made available on the official website of Microsoft. So, do not forget to check out the updates or news regarding it on the official platform.

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