MS Office To Launch Security Apps For IOS And Android Device

The MS Office is all set to launch its security software app for the family that is available on iOS and Android devices. The software is specifically designed to allow families to manage their respective app usage keeping the screen time in view. Remember, parents can use the Family security app in order to receive the reports on the app usage and overall screen time and even set the app time limits with the ability to set the time limits with the ability of the children so that they can request of extensions.

It is important to understand that the MS Family safety app can be easily synced across the Windows, Xbox along with android devices. You can put a time limit for the games along with the apps that will be synced across the different devices. It prevents the kids from swapping the devices to play Mine craft or the Fortnight. Such apps can be blocked completely which might affect the other software and processors on the phone.

Useful content filters that are used in the MS Office family safety apps

The MS Office software has added web along with search filters in order to limit the sites that include the kid’s friendly websites. These content filters work across the MS Office edge browser on Windows, Xbox, and on the Android software. Most of the screen time along with the content filters are limited to the android on the mobile side. However, Microsoft is working on bringing security software to iPhones. There is an ability to lock the time to spend on accessing the accounts with a request to purchase the emails and helping to prevent the credit card bills.

Family safety can be used for sharing locations between their family members along with this Microsoft as also added the new feature known as location-clustering that works during the beta phase that lets the people see multiple members of the family that are of dame location. Microsoft is still planning to come with the feature to add notifications when the family members arrive at the location, this is the premium feature for the subscribers of MS Office 365.

Location sharing feature  using the MS Family safety app

With a new drive safety feature, the Microsoft 365 subscribers have high hopes already set to use the app. It is specifically designed to help the people to inculcate the better habits of driving and hence providing insights on driving behavior. The MS is not saying when exactly they are launching this safety app feature in the US, Australia, Canada, and other provinces of the United States.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

So, if you are interested to know more about Microsoft Family safety apps or you wish to get the updates for the same then go to the “Google Play Store” or visit “Apple’s app store”  to check its availability. You can also visit the official Microsoft website in order to get assistance related to the topic or to get the latest updates about the Microsoft Family safety app.

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