People around the globe faced outages with Microsoft services

Facing outages with Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft services? Well, this is nothing new and has happened several times in the past. But, this is not a thing to worry about because whenever such a situation took place, Microsoft took action to fix this as soon as it could. The same situation arose yesterday as well with a few Microsoft services such as Microsoft Teams, Xbox Live, and Office 365 that are all a part of

Why this outage did take place?

Well, whenever an outage takes place, specifically with Microsoft services, there is a culprit behind it. So, do you want to know why anything of such sort happened a day ago? This time the culprit for the outage is the change in the authentication system. Similar changes in any file of any Microsoft might not always cause outages but it did happen yesterday and troubled several people around the globe.

However, as soon as Microsoft got to know about it, it tried its best to fix the issue and soon rolled out an update that helped users get rid of the issue at the earliest.

The complete overview

On Mar 15, 2021, Microsoft Azure services such as Teams, Xbox Live, and Microsoft 365 version faced outages and people were not able to use it in any way, and neither of their functions. Earlier, people could not understand why they had to face such difficulty even if everything was just working fine a few minutes ago. But, soon news rolled out revealing that Microsoft Azure services are facing outages and people have to put a pause to their work until Microsoft fixes it.

However, Microsoft took to it immediately and found out a solution to fix the issue at an instant speed. It first found out the problem-causing agent and then rolled out an update to fix the outage problem as fast as it could.

What users should do?

If anything of such sort happens with users, then they should not panic in such a situation. One should note that he or she cannot do anything in such a scenario because it is only Microsoft that would be able to fix the problem ultimately.

All they can do is waiting for the update or patch to be rolled out from Microsoft’s end and install it as soon as possible so that you can continue to carry on your work.

Apart from this, despite getting panic in this scenario, you should complete some other tasks related to your work. Although, Microsoft tried its best so that people do not have to face any such problem but due to some technical issues you might have to face problems with it, which is not a thing to worry about.

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