The Witcher Netflix is all set to take you to the next level.

One of the famous Netflix show “The Witcher” is all geared up to take you to the next level. The dark fantasy series is a replica of one of the best-selling series of novels. And this time, the story is taking the viewers to a point where the story actually finishes before the live-action and that’s from where its game developers got the idea to line up the next sequence of the video games.

With the second season for the Witcher Netflix on the go, the series is rocketed to the most viewers demand list and according to the recent reports; it is the most in-demand show on Netflix. If you haven’t watched this series on Netflix then it’s the time to become the Geralt of Rivia.

The witcher Netflix- Concept for video games

Since the show debut on Dec 20, 2019, the Witcher books and video games are becoming the chart-topping success in their respective mediums. And it has beaten up the numbers for J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter in the readable section. The developers of the series also gave a hint that they are on the project for “The Witcher 3 advanced version” video game.

About The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The game has already reached up to more than 91,000 stream users who are playing the old version of the same game that is launched back in 2015. According to the CD Projekt Red community manager, the number of gamers now is way more than the number of gamers at the time of launching the game.

So, you’ve viewed the show, you heard that books and games went great and you are still looking for more sort of multimedia synergy, where you will get everything from the books to till the show is visible.

The Witcher series- About the games

You don’t need to be afraid of starting the Witcher 3   game. You will probably get the best starting off with it. The CD Projekt Red has won the right to stay lined up with the “Geralt’s story after the “Lady”, the developer for the games is talking more about the distinctions between the books and the games.  He is all happy about the way the game is treating his story characters.

The Witcher:

Long back before the witcher, Netflix came, there was the first Witcher game that was introduced in PCs in 2007, and although it was a tech benchmark, the gamers still have a keen love to play the game. The game’s story presentation is still effective in quality. However, the game’s outdated engine struggles when played on high-end PCs.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Have you ever thought a combination of Mass effect’s branching storylines with a pro version of Dark Souls combat. Witcher 2 is more linear as compared to the third version of the game. It focuses more on the political end of the universe, rather than bringing light on the monsters and magic of the fantasy world. Although the gamers who have already played Witcher 3 will still think that it’s one step ahead from the second part, the plot drastically the third one depending on the decisions.

The Witcher 3: One of the most recommended games that make the other two games nonessential.

The developers of the game wrote Geralt as an amnesiac in the first two parts and in the third part, they drove around to introduce the universe to the player. The witcher 3 wild hunt is where Geralt’s memory is restored and he gets back to who he was at the end of the “The Lady of the Lake” part. The story in the 3rd part introduces the characters that you have previously seen in the books. More Information:-

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